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Introspection :

What is this organisation?
Why should there be a movement at all for church revival?
Is not the present church holy?
Did it become stale and static?
Are not the Christians living according to the word of God?
Is Salvation absent among the souls?
Aren`t not the leaders happy with their churches?
Aren`t the church members happy with their Shepherds?
Isn`t God happy with the present church?

Church Background :
The Early Church started at the Feast of Pentecost 2000 years ago. Since then, the church has been progressing. It survived so many tribulations and onslaughts. As the Holy Spirit undertook the church expansion, the disciples were scattered throughout the four corners of the world. Several doctrines came out from the word of God. And several Mainline Churches were established to further their doctrines.

As for India, in addition to the mainline churches, there are several other Localised and Independent churches in various parts. The Christian Movement in India started as early as first century with the arrivial of one of the twelve disciples .i.e., Thomas. His endeavours started from the South of India. The British entered India somewhere after 1600 and with them started the advent of Missionaries. The present day mainline churches in India were started not more then 200 years ago. Today, the Independant Churches, called Fellowships have been posing a great threat to the mainline churches attracting great number of conventional christians as well as youth. The reason for their advent and growth may be due to their priority to the Word of GOD. Inspite of this, the Mainline Churches outnumber every other church in church-membership as they command 80% of the total christian population.

Church Realities :
Is the Church in India needs Revival?
The answer is ‘yes.’ The reasons are numerous and vivid.
1. Most of the Mainline Churches have become conventional. They follow doctrines, which are not according to the Word of God.
2. They follow traditions and customs, which are not found in the Word of God.
3. Most of the Church members attend only on Festival occasions.
4. Most of the Church Elders do not have the experience of Salvation.
5. Most of the Churches have become business establishments.
6. There is no awareness at all that Christian life is a holy life, one has to leave the sinful nature and one has to live according to the Word of God.
7. The Churches look excellent, there are sprawling campuses, the activities look systematic and the people look dignified but true Christian life is absent in most of the Churches.
8. For majority of the Pastors, preaching has become a profession and a breadwinner. They teach the people traditions and customs , support the people even when they live and act against the Word of God. Most of the Pastors are afraid to correct the Congregation. They have no courage to condemn sin.
9. Most of the Non-Christians accept that Jesus is the True God but when they see the life of several Christians, they wonder why Christians behave so worldy. Thus, the Christian Community was failing to attract OTHERS into the true faith.
10. So, Church-Going has become a tradition for most of the people, and they became conventional without Christ in their hearts.

What is the remedy?
There is an urgent need to stir up the people through the Word of God. This needs much fasting and prayer. A generation cannot be born in a day. The present church in India should come out of wrong doctrines, heathen traditions, routine church activities and leadership disputes.

The Christians in Indian population are only 3% but out of this 3% what is the number of born-again Christians? God alone knows.

The Goals Needed:
1. A Strong Prayer movement is needed to tackle this problem.The Christian World has forgotten the importance and power of prayer. This needs immediate follow-up.
2. The Leaders, the Pastors, the Evangaliest and the Church Elders should first obey and understand the Word of God, should come out from man made doctrines and should become wise and be able to condemn the gentile traditions and customes. A great campaign is needed to convince them and a great movitation to work for the dying souls.
3. The heathen practices, traditions, customs that crept into Christianity should be exposed, fought out and weeded out from the Christian life.
4. The people should be stirred up to live according to the Word of God.
5. The people should also know how the Holy Spirit works in them when they obey the Word of God.
6 . Conducting massive crusades both in mainland and interiors should be an on-going process. Even Street Meetings and door-to-door contacts would bring potential results.
7 . During the process, it is noticed that the Children’s Ministry will be an important medium to spearhead this revival.
8. The role of Literature should be given equal importance starting with Bible Study Centers, printing of Books, Tracts on the Word of God.
9. The establishment of Bible Colleges to prepare committed and sacrificing youth to proclaim the living Word of God.
10. The Spirit of Revival should kindle unlighted areas in every heart of a Pastor, Layman and this flame should go to every physical unlighted area.

Movement For Church Revival. How Was It Started?
Way back in nineties, a group of saved Christian brothers and sisters started preaching the Word of God in several congregations to light up their hearts. Soon it was found that the people were entangled in various doctrines. Some people do not accept and understand the power of the Holy Spirit, some say Baptism is not needed, others say Lord’s table is not very important, strangely some say that ‘Hallelujah’ should not be uttered in the churches.

In this mess, the place for the Word of God is lost. Funny doctrines, man-made customs, church elections, groupisms, convenient preachings, lavish festivals polluted the Christian minds. The Christians have turned to material things and has forgotten their fundamental obligation that they should be separated from the world and to lead a Holy Life according to the Scriptures. Thus, one can surely say that 90% of the Indian Christians are conventional and they are without experience of Salvation.

The Local Pastors have lost their strength and courage to correct the people to live according to the Word of God. The saddest thing is that the Pastors are compelled to oblige the congregation in every respect and have no voice to condemn the sins.

This alarming situation compelled us to start a movement to revive the Christian Community. We know it is a gigantic task; we know it needs long nights of prayer; we know that there will be a lot of opposition, resistance and resentment.

Thus, this movement was started during the year 1998. Ever since, a band of Pastors and believers have been fighting against the traditionalism, customs and heathen traditions. Numerous crusades have been conducted even in interior places and during these days, we could see the fruits of this revival. Several Adult and Children camps have been organized not only to spiritualise the children but to impact their parents, on how the Word of God works in persons and families. This movement heavily depends on Fasting Prayers, All Night Prayers, All Day Prayer meetings and Prayer Bands. It is necessary to make a very humble statement that some of the God’s Servants of this movement undertook sincere fasting for 40 days to attain this goal. As the Holy Spirit compelled us, all the God’s Servants have started a 21-Day Fasting, one after another from November 2003. A Great War on nominalism has thus been launched.


Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved ............- Romans 10:1
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