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7) 40 Day All-Day Prayer Meetings

It is further identified that families need continouos prayer support. Sunday worship in the church may not nourish them throughout the week.Sunday service has become a ritual to most of the Christians. They know Jesus; they know that He is crucified, buried and rose again on the third day. There ends their Christian life. There is no revival in their lives, there is no prayer life, no scripture reading, no association with God's people, no God's fear, and no botheration about the coming events upon this wicked world. There is no fire in the families and individual lives.

Augmentation of spiritual life in every family needs immediate attention. It is the divine duty of every God's servant to see that the hearts of the people should be kindled day in and day out. Even when a Christian is in a Mall or a market, his thoughts should be on the Lord and should be thinking of hastening to his home for a personal appointment with God. This is the quality of a fire that should be in a man's heart. To shape people like this, the God's servant should work all the time of the day and struggle to lighten people.

Having this fire, the MFCR, after much prayer, started this 40-day All Day Prayer Meetings at several villages. These were going on since January 2004.These Day-Time Prayer Meetings has brought a lot of encouragement to the people.There is a single item of prayer, the welfare of families. All the participants will be encouraged to pray for the needs of their families. The spiritual needs as well as the material needs will be remembered during this prayer time. A particular problem will be identified in a family and any will pray for a particular family problem. These All-Day Prayers not only fructified the spiritual life but also ushered in a new lease of faith and dependance upon the Lord.

The All-Day Prayer meetings taught many- who never used to open their lips, who have fear all in their hearts to pray, the art of prayer. Now, the same people have learnt to pray hours together and subsequently strengthened in their daily prayer and enjoying the divine presence of the Lord.

The MFCR sincerely believe that the prayer foundations of a Christian should be very strong and stable to make him a real christian and a true believer.








Give us aid against the enemy.

Psalm 60:11..



Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved ............- Romans 10:1
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