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8)Bible College

Crusading in the interiors and far-away places and that too in an extensive way needs men and material. The urgency of a Bible College is seen as one of the steps to achieve this goal. Again, we are lifting up our hearts to the Lord for starting this College to fulfill His great commandment (Mark 16 : 15). Alas! The work is plenty; the men are few. Again, we are supplicating the Lord to raise up adequate labourers to do His work in full measure.

The Lord is in need of thousands of youth. He needs young men trusted and trustworthy like Joseph, Joshua, Gideon and Daniel. He is looking for people like Elisha who left everything when called. He needs towering personalities like Abraham who left his resident country, his kindred and obeyed God's calling and willing to sacrifice anything and everything to God.

An incessant prayer is needed to bring honour to the body of Christ. A visit to the mall can be postponed but not to the dying souls; A discussion on family prosperity can be postponed but not the plans for preaching.
















Give us aid against the enemy.

Psalm 60:11.





Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved ............- Romans 10:1
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