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9)Children's Ministry

Children ministry was started way back in 1990. Children in India are most deprived of God's Word. Major cities have a network of Sunday Schools and Vacation Bible Schools. In villages, Sunday schools are not run regularly, in interiors, the concept is almost absent. Parents do not take the children to churches on Sunday treating them as impediment. Even they don't teach their Children fundamentals of the Bible. They believe that Children do learn all these things when they grow and go to a Church.When they grow godless, how difficult will it be for anybody to bring them to Christ. Thus, a great vacuum is created in the lives of children. Adding to this, there are no trained teachers to teach the children nor many interested in this patient task. The villages and the remote interiors are in total darkness in this field of evangelism.

During the early nineties, a sincere effort was made to start Children ministry with the help of some local school teachers. The plan is local, the syllabus is self-made and the teaching methods archaic. There was a lot of response from the kids. The parents were happy too as their children had learnt some biblical truths and behavioral patterns. A few action songs made them more interested.

Starting with the attendance of a 100, the 5-day classes slowly picked up and by the 3rd day, the strength was 500. Meanwhile, the villagers came forward to supply toffees to the children and there was a lot of parent-involvement. On the last day, Paper Crowns were made with scripture portions penned on them. Of course after wearing them, the little children felt as they were kings. Small children; small beginning; yet great joy.

On the last day, all these 500 children would take out a procession through all the streets of the village. With some difficulty, sufficient number of tracts were acquired and these were all distributed to all the non-Christian community. When children were shouting Biblical slogans like-

"Jesus is the Saviour of the world…..
Believe in Jesus, He takes away your sins…..
Jesus - Prince of Peace…..
Believe and Believe - Believe in Jesus…..

These slogans as well as the distribution of the tracts had brought wonderful glory to the Lord. Through this demonstration, gospel was preached in its most acceptable way. The children have become a medium to the great commandment.

From there on, very genuine efforts are being made to extend this work to other villages but the restraints are many. Dearth of dedicated teachers, absence of commitment, lack of printed material, inability to acquire charts, aids and tapes and financial restraints. Even then, how can we stop this noble ministry?

The need for a full pledged children's Ministry is seen all through these years. With the advancement of knowledge, technology and the craze for television, children in their early age have become prone to sin. Unfortunately, sin is being portrayed as a way of life. Unless the Biblical truth is founded in the hearts of the children, there is no way to escape this satanic onslaught on the young minds. At any cost, the MFCR is determined to make the Children Ministry a national movement and looking for people with similar vision to come and join this gigantic task.


Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved ............- Romans 10:1
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