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1)Gospel Crusades

These crusades are aimed at flickering the souls that are shadowed by upbeats of life. Started in the year 1990, these were moving strong through the will of God. As most of the urban population is under constant vigil of the preaching community, the interiors and the village folk are deprived of effective preaching.

The following areas are identified for coverage:

1) Gospel is not reached to most of the Non-Christians.They have a strong opinion that Christianity is a Western Religion and in India, it belongs to a particular community.

2) Gospel is reached to most of the Christian Community in half-measure. They know that Jesus is the Saviour but don't have the experience of Salvation.

3) Gospel is not reached to some of the Christian Community in its full meaning. These Christians always seek material blessings and ignorant of repentance, salvation and life eternal.

These areas are targeted for revival. These are the untilled lands. We strongly trust that the Word of God can bring great change in these fields.

The Gospel crusading is done throughout the year, 3-Day Meetings in regular spells in the interiors and almost daily street meetings during the nights. More than planning, prayer support is needed for the crusades. Sometimes, these are conducted in tiny pockets as unforeseen hurdles cause drastic hindrance. Mobility is another problem. Yet, the Holy Spirit is leading us to carry on these Gospel Meetings.

There are certian places where even so-called Christians are ignorant of their God. There is lot of work to be done in the interiors. Facilities or no-facilities, one has to preach the Gospel. Sacrifice of needs is sometimes warranted. The people are very eager to hear the Word of God. Dedicated, Committed people with steadfastness and love are needed in theses areas. Large strips of habitations are still uncovered and unpreached. No vision, no revival, not even a first call in these areas.






Give us aid against the enemy.

Psalm 60:11.





Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved ............- Romans 10:1
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