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The Power of Prayer – 7

“Jacob looked up and there was Esau, coming with his four hundred men.” Genesis 33:1.

Now, Jacob is a new man; his old nature is totally gone. No timidity, no fear, no strategy. Compare the change in Jacob:
Genesis 32: 16, 18
… and said to his servants, ‘go ahead of me’
… and you are to say… and he is coming behind us.

Before struggling with God, he had decided to be behind everybody. May be to escape death. A man who had to lead, opted out, preferred to be at the end of everybody.

After change of name – Israel, meaning who struggles with God – and receiving God’s blessings, Jacob had decided to lead the convoy.
“He himself went on ahead and bowed to the ground seven times as he approached his brother.” Genesis 33:3.

Please see the change in Jacob. A great faith downed on him. No oscillation or no kind of doubt. His God is going to change his brother and surely save him from all fear and fear of death. This is a great revival in Jacob’s faith life. A backslider had become a forerunner.

See the wonderful miracle that had happened here… And Esau ran to meet Jacob and embraced him. He threw his arms around his neck and kissed him. AND THEY WEPT…
You can see their long conversations throughout chapter 33.
Prayer not only changes you but it changes your enemy also. It gives you courage, honesty, straight forwardness, holiness and above all, strength tp stand before anybody and cool to face ant situation. Prayer is not a mere kneeling down or closing up of eyes for a Prayer is not a mere kneeling down or closing up of eyes for a few minutes. Prayer is a power - generating station. It supplies power to you, your wife, your children and even your neighbors. Sometimes, it lits your locality and can light up your country.

Observe the tremendous change in Esau. Where did all his anger, wrath, revenge go? Did he forget what had happened? Is it too small a thing to forget? Did he loose his memory power?
The prayer of Jacob had equally changed Esau. An unknown kindness and fraternity came into his heart. See Esau running, meeting, embracing and weeping. For the first time, he had a strong feeling that he was seeing his brother. Jacob was hesitant to address him as ‘brother’ but Esau, with his whole heart was addressing him as ‘brother’.
When Jacob insisted Esau to accept his gifts, esau was so humiliating in saying –
“I have already plenty, my brother keep whar you have for yourself.” (Vr.9)
Not only that, Esau was so kind and courteous. He wanted to help his brother in all possible ways.
“Then Esau said, “ Let us be on our way. I will accompany you.” (Vr.12)
When Jacob politely declined, he further said, “Then let me leave you some of my men with you.” (Vr.15)
Can we expect a better change in Esau’s life? In fact, they are born as enemies but God made them friends – through Prayer. A great revival came unto Esau’s life and a renewal of a new heart. Again, I repeat, there is power in your prayer.

Now a days, many are leading a defeated life. They go to beautiful churches; they open the worship books and repeat some of the blessings; they carry luxurious and costly Bibles; they have church membership from time immemorial; they command Pastor’s respect; their names will be on every banner and tablets of stone; they pray at the time of each meal; they give lavishly to the church offertory; and they are Christians. Everything lives in them except Christ and His word. Their names are excellent but their life is disastrous. They are lovers of this world. Their lives need revival; they need prayer life.
Had not Jacob wrestled that night, what would be his fate?

My dear brother and sister,
Be honest to God. How can you satisfy God and Satan at a time? You have to leave one and cling to another. Why do you live without Jesus Christ, who is Savior of this world, who can free you from every sin and worry and who has shed his precious blood to change your life?
I encourage you to take a quick decision right now. Accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, abandon every sin, leave your sinful friends, repent for your sins before the Lord and start a new life!

May the Lord strengthen you to take this decision. Amen.

Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved ............- Romans 10:1
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