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4) All Night Prayer

Being strengthened by the Holy Spirit, we have dared to start an All Night Prayer. This was on 4th November 1998. And the Holy Spirit took the wheels and leading us to victory after victory through these ALL Night Prayers. Many a people, both inside and outside Christian world ridiculed this All Night Prayer claiming that this was an abuse of sleep and time.

Now, everybody has realised the importance of this All Night Prayer, and they have started it in their churches.Thus, a dramatic change was brought about by the Holy Spirit. It is not an exaggeration to say that hundreds of God's servants are blessed by these prayers and quick to start the same in their congregations. Thousands of laymen are blessed by this All Night Prayer running through 6pm to 5 am intermixed with a deep message and a heartful worship. During these All Night Prayers, people stood up and raise their hands and cry for their own needs. The Prayer list includes everything. All the countries of the world will be remembered before the altar of the Lord. Problematic places of the world, provinces opposing the gospel will be of particular mention. Youth as well as old, widowed, destitute, poor, unemployed, childless, peaceless and God's servants that spread all over the world and their needs will be prayed for in sincerity. A fervent prayer will be made always throughout the All Night Prayers for a great revival in all the denominations and fellowships. Now in the MFCR, there were All Night Prayers through out the month, almost every day, in all the Congregation.

5) 3-Day Prayer Fellowship

The major limb of this movement is the Prayer Fellowship. The Lord God led us to a strong commitment that there is no substitute for prayer. While conducting gospel crusades over the years, we have seen the unseen power of prayer among the multitudes, the healing touch of the Lord and the craving for the Word of God. When Prayer is less; the work is dull and the result is less. When prayer is absent, the power of the Lord is absent(James 5:17,18). Thus, we realised that prayer is as important as the Gospel.

Every month, All the God`s servants in the MFCR would meet for 3 days in a particular village and pray for the following faculties :

1) Evangelization of the world, remembering every continent and the countries in it for the problem areas of each country.
2) Praying for India, remembering every state and union territory of it and specially areas where gospel and Evangelists are hindered.
3) Praying for unity and God`s love in families.
4) Praying for Christian Institutions and Bible Societies.
5) Praying for the leaders and people of the country.
6) Praying for God`s Servants all the world over and their needs and for their optimum use by the Holy Spirit.
7) Praying for mighty works of the Holy Spirit.





Give us aid against the enemy.

Psalm 60:11.





Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved ............- Romans 10:1
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